Inspiration – Militarum Tempestus Demolition Squad

Was considering what other kinds of squads of units might be found behind enemy lines and for some reason it randomly hit me that 40k seems to lack sappers or demolitionists in general. I suppose its because basically everyone has grenades or such.

Since the 89th Zetan Basilisks drop behind lines and sabotage the hell out of everything and fortify/hold up to pull attention from the front, they need a demolition squad badly. Not sure what sets I’d pull bits from to do it, but I’m sure I can find a lot of land mines, boxes, and bombs from the various IG kits that are out there and I need to give at least one of them a missile launcher of some sort.

Would probably be best to base this on a Tempestus Scion box of course, 5 units, each armed for demolition/AT.

Time to look into some WW2 Sappers, Minelayers, Saboteurs, and Demolition Teams for references!

Possible Bits

Captain Brown over on Warseer has some great pictures of his Heavy Weapons Teams with Missile Launchers I’m loving. I could definitely use something akin to this when I get around to making the missile launcher user in the squad.

Link to his thread.

NecroHeavyWeapons14 (1)


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