Clanmaster Ferron Tyrus – Mock Up Model

Took some of my bits tonight and tried to come up with a core for how I wanted to make Ferron Tyrus. As the Clanmaster he needs to be “substantial” with a huge presence. I threw him on a Terminator base to give me room for terrain work and display (the final model will probably sit atop a tall rock or something.)

I tried a few different legs, there’s a pair of Vanguard Legs I want to try again to make him look more like he’s charging into battle. I intend to replace the skull in his hand with a cyber skull and maybe add some other cyber skulls floating around him or something.

There are four different heads I’m debating, there’s two shown in pictures here (one helmeted, one not) and I like both, but I think I can do better for the actual helmeted version.

Backpack is up in the air as well, lots of choices there. I like the eagles but don’t love them, might hunt down something with a servo arm or something.

His power fists might get some sort of attached weapon (combi-plasma + tube or something) on each one, rule of cool style.

Bits List

20150604_204354 20150604_204358 20150604_204432 20150604_204441 20150604_204451 20150604_204500 20150604_211953 20150604_211958 20150604_212008 20150604_212011


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