First Test Paint scheme

I have a lot, and I mean a lot, of “junk marines” I bought off a seller a few years back for like 25 cents a piece. I’ve since used them for painting practice and testing schemes. This was my first shot at Iron Hands highlighting and color scheme, its far from the final plan (there’s some changes to highlight shades, trim, etc. I need to do, as well as some spots I missed.)

But it gives a solid general feel I think of what I’m attempting to do with the color scheme. I learned a lot painting this bastard.

Changes going forward

  • Iron trim on the shoulder pads
  • Remember to paint the inner knee/leg/arm tubing parts
  • Next highlight attempt will be Russ/Fenrisian Grey for a “bluer” highlight.
  • “Bluer” white on the gun instead of Agrax Wash
  • Buy new Scar White (my current pot is rough, and made that shoulder skull look bad.)

XOXEfBK jNmfufV g5X3IFD e1QxAR7 e0BXwvV D5BVwpL


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