Rumors/Preview – More Age of Sigmar Photos

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Rumors/Preview – Age of Sigmar Model Leaks (Sigmarite and Chaos)

Holy shit.

I didn’t intend to ever post Fantasy stuff on here because of the focus being Clan Khorvaak, but I have to stop and give a major shoutout to this.

The first Age of Sigmar models have leaked and they are GLORIOUS!

Straight out of the box they’re amazingly detailed and a cool looking Sigmar faction (very akin to Fantasy Marines as many are saying.) However, their conversion and bits potential is NUTS! Especially for Inquisitors and Space Marines.

I cannot wait to get myself a box of these guys painted, this might just be what gets me into collecting fantasy.

Also, I finally have a freaking source of some sick shields for my Iron Guard! Those shields even have a hammer on them, which is the symbol I use for my guard! (A gauntlet grasping a hammer.)



Modeling – Using Adhesive Tack to Mock Up/Paint

I have gotten a few questions about this when I post my models, so figured it is worth a post. A lot of people ask me what that neon orange gunk I use to mock up my models is and where can they get some.

Worry no longer my brethren.

What I currently use is some Elmer’s Tack Removable Adhesive Putty that a friend of mine gave me awhile back. It works great although it is a little weak (might be from age though, it is quite a few years old.) I have been recommended Blu-Tack a few times, and I just placed an order for some of it so I will let you know the strength comparison when it gets here.


Also makes for wondrous boxing gloves.

I love this stuff personally, and now that I have begun using it for modeling I doubt I will ever not mock-up my models before gluing again. Its easy, you take a small blob of it, smash it against a surface, stick whatever piece you want to test out on it, and bam. I have used it for both my major characters now, with only minor issues (drooping/slipping due to weight, as I say above it might just be the age and brand of the tack.)


Its also great for holding bits in place.

If you get a little of the tack stuck in a crevice or somewhere, you can always use a ball of it and roll over it until it pulls up. The stuff seems to stick to itself heavier than to anything else.

A lot of people swear by Blu-Tack for sticking models in order to paint, and I intend to do that as well going forward. My current method was to glue a sprue bit to the bottom of their foot or something, but I would like to avoid having to break anything and risk damaging the model.

If you have any of your own suggestions/uses of the tack please feel free to let me know. I would highly, highly suggest this stuff be a part of any modeler/painter’s toolbox.

Planning – Inquisitor Calliax Bit Buildup

Plotting my bits to create Calliax, I used some reference points from Inquisitor Harrow to find some nice techy/inquisition bits for him. I hunted through the usual:

  • Warriors of Chaos for non-Space Marine bodies
  • Grey Knights for shoulders, backpacks, detail bits
  • Servitors for bionic arms (and 3rd party sites)
  • Dark Angels for detail bits
  • Empire Flagellants for detail bits
  • Space Marines for everything else

I wanted him to have a bare head with respirator, there’s a few good options in Space Marines but I’ve been saving a couple for some other models, so I went with the Sternguard Veteran head with the respirator and bionic eye.

Body/Back I went with a Warriors of Chaos core. I love the armor, it doesn’t require too much fiddling, and it comes with a prebuilt necklace I can greenstuff an Inquisition I onto. Using a Grey Knight backpack as well for the Inquisition theme and look, I’ll also be putting some power cables on it.

Shoulders Grey Knight Terminator shoulders seemed the best way to go. They’re highly detailed, come with Inquisition detailing already, and I do love me some shoulder trim. Harrow used normal Terminator shoulders which I thought fit great, so I assume these will fit as well.

Left arm will be ripped from a Finecast Servitor, Inquisitor Harrow definitely had the right idea there. Right arm will be a Space Marine Commander Stormbolter/Arm.

A Grey Knight Cyber Skull and Loincloth should fill out the details, as well as a variety of chains, Dark Angels accessories, and green stuff.

Hoping this guy turns out well. Will be ordering the parts soon, so expect pictures.

Bits List

Space Marine Sternguard Bare Head E
Warriors of Chaos Warriors Body D
Warriors of Chaos Warriors Cloak/Back D
Grey Knight Back Pack B
Grey Knight Terminator Shoulder Pad A
Grey Knight Terminator Shoulder Pad C
L Arm Imperial Henchmen Techmarine Servitor (Finestcast Servitor)
Grey Knight Arm Right E
R Arm Commander Storm Bolter
Dragonforge 0.45 Power Cable Set

Empire Flagellants Accessory Chain B x2
Grey Knight Terminator Cyber Skull
Dark Angels Accessory Grenade
Dark Angels Accessory G
Space Marine Commander Symbol A
Grey Knight Terminator Tabard

Lore – High Inquisitor Calliax

A small story snippet to give you a gist of what Calliax is like, and how he’ll be a fun foil to Clan Khorvaak’s characters.

It was dark and the sky was afluster with storm clouds when High Inquisitor Calliax’s ship landed atop a greater spire on Forge World Gorgonum. He walked out of his dropship to a mechanicus procession welcoming his presence on the world, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the view.

They were thousands upon thousands of feet in the sky, and down below were factories and pipes everywhere spewing smoke and particulate into the air. The line of factories abrubtly ended at a mountain range encirlcing them that broke the horizon. Blue and cyan lightning struck across the blackened sky as smoke poured out of one of the mountains in the distance.

“My lord,” a small machine (or was it a man?) whirred beneath him, “I am Hgillix, ambassador of Gorgonum and it is on behalf of the Adeptus Mechanicus we welcome..”

Calliax waved his hand, and the man went silent.

“I need no welcome, you should not have known of my arrival,” Calliax’s voice echoed in his respirator and he took a deep, mechanical breath and winced.

Hgillix showed no emotion but paused in awkward silence for a moment before he whirred up again, “We scan all incoming vessels through our neural net, its quite a wondrous thing, we integrate circuits directly into servitor-psykers that ha..”

His voice trailed off in Calliax’s mind, a jutting pain in his temples was distracting him. Calliax turned around and glared at his retinue while Hgillix continued going on, and on. The Lexmechanic, Orthos, had numbers flying through a screen on his bionic eye as the other other techpriest, Illthos the Transmechanic, was staring at him. There was a silent conversation going on that Calliax was weary of, but these men (if they could still be called that) were too useful to leave behind.

“Qhor,” Calliax’s gravely voice vented as his wheezing sped up.

A small man in an imperial robe walked over and bowed, “Yes my lord?”

Calliax just sighed and nodded, closing his eyes at the man, who proceeded to pull out a large green vial and lock it into a socket on the back of Calliax’s neck. A large thunk sounded as it clicked into place, followed by a release of some sort of gas with a hiss.

The effects were immediate as the drug flooded his systems, the pain subsided and in its place was a feeling of euphoria. Each breath became tolerable, even enjoyable as oxygen was once again properly flowing to his brain. With a click the vial was unlocked and removed, put away by Qhor into his pouch.

And just like that Hgillix’s voice came back into existence, still droning about the wonders of his invention.

“Its entirely legal by Imperial standards, in fact the plans were sent back to the Imperium should they ever..”

“I don’t care,” Calliax wheezed, “I’m not here to see what you’re newest toy is and whether it breaks the rules set down by the God Emperor,” Calliax whirled around quickly, his cape flowing and cutting the air as he grabbed Hgillix quickly and lifted him up by his bionic right arm. A dozen smaller metal hooks and utensils reached out from the apparatus, grasping for leverage.

“What!” Hgillix screamed out.

Calliax got close to Hgillix’s “face” and his voice boomed, “How did you lose this arm.”

“I.. It was..” he stuttered.

“HOW?” the scream would’ve sent spittle all over Hgillix if there wasn’t a respirator in the way.

“Inefficient.. so I.. replaced it.” Hgillix knew immediately by the change in Calliax’s demeanor that he had made a grave error, “But I..”

Calliax gripped the small man’s right side with his left hand, and with one pull ripped his bionic arm clear off. Blood, ichor, oil, and a dozen other liquids sprayed out onto the metal platform as the man dropped to the ground and screamed in agony, crying.

“Bionics are a gift from the God Emperor himself! Let this be a lesson you teach your brethren!” Calliax announced, raising his arms towards the sky. The crowd of gathered techpriests and enhanced nobles backed up and murmured, hiding their own bionics where they could. “The Ordo Cyberneticus sent me here for a reason, you have forsaken what it is to be human, and I intend to remind you.”

He turned around at the crying hunk of machine and man on the ground, he was flailing and screaming when Calliax picked him up by the top of his head. Calliax’s mechanical arm gripped deep into the flesh and metal. The man screamed as Calliax closed the grip tighter and tighter until a crunch rang out and everything went silent.

“Tell the Magos I have arrived, and I demand an audience,” Calliax pointed at the crowd and they scattered into the doorway. He walked to the edge of the landing pad and looked out again at the storm. Ghor walked over and Calliax extended his arm. Ghor eagerly wiped the various liquids and matter off of it.

Lightning struck a nearby spire with a loud crack and Calliax smiled beneath his respirator, feeling as though the Emperor was with him.

We will get to the bottom of this. One way or another.

Notes – The Decoxian Cabal

Got bored at work today and had a few minutes to spare to work on some stuff, was going to do a proper write up with some real story elements and such about the Decoxian Cabal but figure I’ll get around to it later when I get more time. After doing some research today into Ordo Machinum inquisitors and a lot of people’s takes on them, I decided to keep notes and decide on some things I’d like to do with Inquisitors.

The core of the Inquisition forces related to Clan Khorvaak is the Decoxian Cabal.

The Decoxian Cabal was called together following several reports of heavy activity in the Mining Ring by the Clan Khorvaak battle barge in cohesion with Forge World Gorgonum’s Adeptus Mechanicus forces. Normally this wouldn’t be a cause for alarm, but the Inquisition had already raised issues with the Khorvaak leadership over working too closely and too frequently with the Forge World. There have also been troubling rumors of geneseed impurities driving the Clan Khorvaak members to hate flesh and praise the “purity” of machinery, and the frequent application of unapproved, unreported, and untested bionics onto the Astartes that can be traced back to Gorgonum.

The Cabal was created as an alliance between the Ordo Machinum, Ordo Astartes, and Ordo Cyberneticus. One High Inquisitor from each Ordo was called to pursue a different aspect of the investigation, share their findings appropriately, and carry out the Emperor’s will if necessary.

The three Inquisitors are:

High Inquisitor Calliax (Ordo Cyberneticus)
(Inspiration: Darth Vader, Sith Lords, Immortan Joe)

-Hates unnecessary bionics.
-Has bionic arm.
-Has bionic lungs, leads to heavy breathing.
-Lost his arm and lungs in a firebombing of his homeworld.
-No psionic abilities.
-Willing to cut off or rip out bionics of those abusing their use.
-Has a retinue of a Lexmechanic, Transmechanic, Chiurgeon, Servo-Skull, and two Servitors.
-Sent to investigate the Iron Hands Clan Khorvaak’s and Forge World Gorgonum’s use of bionics as part of the Decoxian Cabal.

High Inquisitor Orhan (Ordo Astartes)
(Inspiration: Roman Generals and Statesmen, Clean-Cut Military Officials, Ultramarines)

-Former Space Marine from a purged chapter, he turned in his brothers for geneseed flaws.
-Has minor psychic abilities.
-Retinue consists of two Astartes bodyguards, an AdMech Genesmith, and two Acolytes that carry his helmet and relic blade.
-Investigates Astartes and their geneseed. Tests chapters for heresy, geneseed flaws, and violations of the Imperial Truth.
-Perfectionist and Proud to the point of being flawed.
-110% Pro-Imperium.
-Sent to make sure Clan Khorvaak’s geneseed is correct and pure as part of the Decoxian Cabal.

High Inquisitor Mallyn Corrok (Ordo Machinum)
(Inspiration: Imperial Guard Officers, War Veterans, Randyll Tarly, Arcturus Mengsk)

-Fancy jacket, medals galore.
-Long storied history of Imperial Guard and Elite Stormtrooper service.
-Trained under former Inquisitor as his personal bodyguard.
-Known for following Adeptus Mechanicus expeditions in search of STCs with his personal army of stormtroopers (Mallyn’s Marauders).
-Has personally put down rogue Forge World Magos and Planetary Governors many times for hoarding technology and tech heresy.
-Even once destroyed a Knightly house in its entirety to prove a point.
-Retinue consists of a Navigator, Autosavant, and five stormtroopers from his personal army.
-Skeptical of the Adeptus Mechanicus, always thinks they’re hiding something and are disloyal.
-Sent to investigate the alliance between Clan Khorvaak and the Adeptus Mechanicus isn’t violating any rules as part of the Decoxian Cabal

Inquisitor Harrow

Would like to do an Ordo Machinum Inquisitor eventually for Clan Khorvaak to watch over them and their AdMech allies and make sure they’re not getting out of line. This guy has created my ideal Inquisitor for that, and I look forward to using his page for inspiration for mine down the line.

Also Gun-Skulls are the best.


So, Steve has delivered in fine form, with Gillam Harrow finally coming to life, along with his pets. Here he is, with his Hound, and a gun-skull:

When I sent him off to Steve, I suggested that he take inspiration from Darth Vader – after all, both are cybernetically-sustained juggernauts. The very classical black-cream-red colourscheme is very Inquisitorial indeed, and marks Harrow out as an uncompromising individual who doesn’t hide his allegiances. There are four Inquisitorial symbols on Harrow’s model alone!

Harrow is made from a wide variety of parts: His body is from theChaos Khorne Exalted Hero; his head, backpack and arm are from one of the Servitors in theTechmarine Set. Harrow himself is one of my first Finecast miniatures, and the conversion wouldn’t have been possible for me without him being in that medium. His shoulderpads are from Space Marine Terminators; his belt buckle…

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