Lord-Ocular Willen Realmwatcher, the Acolytes of the Grand Orrery, and first five Preservers of the Chorus of Life

Whew that was a mountful. Let’s begin!

Preservers РChorus of Life (Warrior Chamber WIP)

First up we have the first five Preservers of the Chorus of Life Warrior Chamber. There will be 11 total (8 basic, 2 prime, 1 Knight-Preserver.) The Preservers operate similar to Liberators and are mostly called in following crusades to hold onto captured territory. They operate a little more autonomously than their brethren, but can form a formidable shield wall and stagnate quagmire of opposition on the battlefield.

For the most-part, its just a fancy name for sword/board wielding Liberators, since I intend to do weapon-based squads (including two-hand using ones.) They are built using the base Liberator kit + Celestial Warbringer Upgrade Sprue. The Retributor Badge was added to the shoulder of the Prime to bulk him up a little. My shoulders are also backwards (right shoulder should be badge of Stormhost, left is insignia of unit or lion for Prime.) Instead I chose to keep the Hammers of Sigmar logo on the right, with the Celestial Warbringer on the left, also traded the lion out for the opposite side.


Lord-Ocular Willen Realmwatcher and the Acolytes of the Grand Orrery WIP

The Emerald Citadel is home to many secrets, as the ruined capital of the old Jade Kingdom of Verandon, there’s a neverending font of mysteries to be unlocked among its rubble. One of the first was that of the Grand Orrery, a magical astronomancer tool that was used to map the heavens and divine the positions of the realms and thus winds of magic. Such a tool is a powerful one, but relatively useless to chaos barbarians and thus was cast down.

Rebuilt to some of its former majesty, the Orrery is now maintained by the Lord-Ocular of the Emerald Canticle, Willen Realmwatcher, and his students. The Lord-Ocular’s former job was in a similar vein, and with this new tool he’s more accurately able to predict the wild swings of the various winds, as well as how the realms and heavens shift to wax and wane certain powers. Using this knowledge, the Emerald Canticle is more capable of planning assaults while Sigmar’s blessings are great and avoid dark omens when the winds of Chaos loom.

Willen is a peculiar master, and his acolytes are some of the poorer kept of the Lords. He has no patience nor time for empathy, every second is a closing of one gate and an opening of another in the sky, and thus he drowns himself in his books, constantly chasing some secret or mystery of the heavens. His acolytes are constantly underfoot, bringing him some beckoned tome or scroll, a new candle or lamp, or even some minor magical trinket to augment his focus. Though many acolytes cannot handle the stress and rigors of the day to day, the ones that stay find themselves sometimes blessed with just a drop of answers of the cosmos from the Lord-Ocular. Such truth is an addictive drought, and one that leaves the body frail and tired but the mind aching for more.



The Emerald Canticle – Army Shot

Friend of mine and fellow streamer Grendler wanted me to do an army shot, so here it is, the Canticle so far. I know its not a lot to look at, but for me considering 20-30 hours per model painted, this is a huge chunk of time I’m super proud of.

Once again, if you’d like to watch my progress you can catch me over on Twitch at:¬†https://www.twitch.tv/shadowclaimer for live painting, assembly, and more.


Emerald Canticle Stormhost Organization (Echelons, Temples, Chambers)

Spent quite a bit of time messing with this, but here it finally is. Stormhost organization is a nightmare, I’m really hoping the new Battletome clarifies most of it. Right now they re-use terms for groupings and names a lot (there’s a Justicar Temple which isn’t the same as the Justicar unit, there’s Echelons/Temples in a Stormhost but also within an Extremis Chamber, even though there’s already sub-categorized Conclaves within Chambers they could’ve used, etc.)

There’s a lot of naming I still need to do for quite a few characters, but so far so good!


[WIP] Lord-Celestant Balon Windswept and Nayogg

Did this beauty on stream tonight, was pretty frustrating overall but kinda happy with the result. Skin is a base of Rakarth Flesh, then a 25% or so Agrax Earthshade wash, then a 25% Carroburg Crimson wash in a few areas, a Rakarth Dry Brush back up to color, then a highlight/layer of Pallid Wych Flesh, and finally a drybrush of White Scar.


[WIP] Acolytes of the Convocation of Life (Khallen Woodbinder and Morell Truesight)

Finished two sets of acolytes for my Lord-Natum’s Khallen Woodbinder and Morell Truesight, including some pictures of them in here as well so you can see the themes and such of the student/teacher.

20170204_164203Class picture! The Stormcast Eternals are HUGE compared to their cohorts. (This is the third Lord-Natum Ghallo Skitterspeak, I still haven’t built his two students yet.)

Lord-Natum Khallen Woodbinder


Sala the Dryad Cursed, student of Khallen Woodbinder



Marak the Green Dowser, student of Khallen Woodbinder


Lord-Natum Morell Truesight


Allas the Wooded Knight, student of Morell Truesight


Ghulan the Blinded Blades, student of Morell Truesight


Alucian, Son of Alarielle (Assembled)

Six hours later, I finished up my Celestant-Prime, Alucian. So super proud of him, and cannot wait (and simultaneously dread) painting him.

Fluff time!

Sylvaneth are born from the mixture of Alarielle’s dreams and the green wind of magic, and coalesce in “soul pods” that grow into Sylvaneth.

In my backstory my Stormhost was sent to find a missing soul grove and finds it desolated by Nurgle, so they drive out Nurgle’s forces and recover a single damaged soul pod. The Lord-Natum (green wind equivalent of Lord-Relictor) discovers that the pod contains a dreamsoul of Alarielle, and the dream is of a mighty warrior son who would lead her forces and drive out Nurgle.

Since the pod is damaged, it will eventually die, so he returns it to Azyrheim where Sigmar chooses to take the soul upon his anvil and build it into a Stormcast. His new body is human, his soul is a damaged elven dreamsoul, and because of that he’s a bit “unstable” but is a powerful weapon in the Canticle’s arsenal when they need to unleash all they have against Nurgle.


[WIP] Lord-Celestant Balon Windswept and Nayogg

Looking forward to painting the pair. Nayogg (the Dracoth) is white/albino, which will be an interesting bit of painting. Probably going to take some super thinned Carroburg Crimson to it and go with a hard white with a little pinkish tint instead of a strict off-white.

Balon will likely get white scales on his cloak/hood to match his Dracoth but his armor and everything else will match the rest of the Canticle.